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RILHS’ Mission

The Rhode Island Labor History Society provides resources to the public to educate the Ocean State on our shared history as workers.

This site is intended to be a resource to those who share a love of Labor History. Academics, unionists, historians, and workers of the world are all welcome.

In 1982, we established a labor archive at the Rhode Island Historical Society’s Library, one of the oldest repositories of its kind in the United States. The library and its archives are located at 121 Hope Street in Providence.

Many of our members, in their capacity as workers, scholars, and history buffs, have written books and essays on a variety of labor topics covering both local and national areas of interest. Please visit out Publications page to read more.

You will find a host of valuable resources to labor historians and aficionados alike, from a timeline of labor history (with special emphasis on Rhode Island’s impact on our shared history), as well as photos, articles, and more.

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